Basically, bonsai tree is ordinary trees that plant in shallow pots and have received regular trimming to keep its miniature size. With a regular and proper care or treatment bonsai tree could have long lifespan, similar and in some case it could greater than their same wild ordinary tree. Along with increasing of bonsai popularity, there are many bonsai store have opened every year that could help in your bonsai hobby and easier your job in care a bonsai.bonsai tree have two general type, indoor bonsai tree and outdoor bonsai tree. Outdoor bonsai tree is bonsai that grow in out of your house like garden. In the world, some of the healthiest bonsai is outdoor bonsai tree. Climate and condition from your area is main factor you must consider when you want to but outdoor bonsai tree or the best way you should buy it from your local bonsai store because they could help you to find the best outdoor bonsai tree suit with your climate. IF you purchase bonsai from internet you must unsure that you don’t purchase outdoor bonsai tree from place which have different climate with your area like, if you live in hot climate area, you should not buy a outdoor bonsai tree from clod climate are because it has possibility can’t lie on your area.

Do outdoor Bonsai tree need less care than indoor Bonsai tree?

Although outdoor bonsai tree live in outdoor your house like garden, it still like indoor bonsai tree which need a regular and proper treatment to growing well, so you shouldn’t forget about it and think it could maintain its height or grow by itself. A bonsai without a proper and regular trimming will end up to mess or wild tree we meet everyday. Presuming your outdoor bonsai tree don’t receive proper care and become like ordinary tree and there is a room to root to grow, you will find out that the root will dig and find out a way through or around concrete, rocks and spread to other plant or tree so you should be careful when place it especially you don’t give it proper care.

You should never bring you outdoor bonsai tree indoor, although you have plant it on the pots. The most healthy and hardy bonsai tree con only withstands for a day and the longest is two days if you suddenly bring the tree indoors. Don’t bring your outdoor bonsai tree indoor more than one every season or you will kill it. Bringing you bonsai indoors and putting it next to hot heater during the winter will scorch your bonsai leaves and roots and your tree will die because dehydration. Vice versa, if you bring it indoor a put near an air conditioning unit you will give it a frost shock in summer and kill it too.