Like other tree, bonsai tree require proper attention and care to thrive and grow. These are some bonsai care tips for you to avoid making some mistakes in caring your bonsai.bonsai care, watering has become major reason for bonsai death. Over-watering and under-watering is two major mistake in bonsai care make by growers either it was beginners or professionals. Check the soil in the bonsai pot every day to unsure you don’t have do mistake on this bonsai care step. Touch the soil to feel its moisture to help you know when to watering your bonsai. Remember don’t let your bonsai dry out completely, but let it start dry out before watering your bonsai.

When watering your bonsai, you must not using hose because the pressure from the hose will be strong unless you use adjustable spray nozzle. You should unsure the root the water by sees water run out from the bottom of the pot.

2. Location. In proper bonsai care, location is also one of main factor for growing healthy and perfect bonsai. The right location is a location where your bonsai receive enough sunlight, appropriate temperature and humidity for their growth. All bonsai species need a sunlight, either it outdoors with direct sunlight or indoor with indirect sunlight. Outdoor bonsai tree species will thrive very well in full morning sun while indoor tree species can place near with windows for indirect sunlight. Be careful, not all windows give a proper sunlight for your bonsai sometime window location is also hot. If you are growing indoor bonsai tree, you should unsure the room is humid enough.

3. Feed. In bonsai care, replenish nutrients for your bonsai tree by keep feeding could help your bonsai growth. Generally, feeding have purpose to replace and replenish nutrients, minerals and food in the soil that gradually washed out through watering. Like Bonsai tree that have many of species, fertilizer is also have many kinds of type, and it was recommended for beginners to ask expert growers, bonsai store or nursery for know what type of fertilizer suit for your bonsai. In the application, fertilizer must use when the soil is wet and using in bonsai growth period like spring or summer.

4. Pruning, Pruning is one of important point in bonsai care due to pruning is a step when you shape your bonsai tree. Pruning is a bonsai care technique that requires practice on an ongoing basis. In spring or summer, you should trim an extra leaves, sprouts and other new growth to prevent the bonsai become overgrown. Pruning is also requiring removing dead branches as well as roots that have overgrown in the pot. Winter is best time to pruning bonsai because at that period many bonsai species in dormant period.bonsai care. In Bonsai care, repotting have purpose to fix root bound or pot bound due to bonsai pot don’t have enough space for your bonsai root to grow. The indicator for root bound or pot bound is when your see the root circling the root ball. At this point, there are better choice is repotting your bonsai than just moving your bonsai to larger pot. Dormant period is best time to repotting your bonsai because you have a chance to pruning the root ball.

These are five simple bonsai care tips that could help you to easier your task in cultivating and growing bonsai tree.