In growing bonsai tree, there are some crucial and important components which you must concern if you hope to have a strong and healthy bonsai tree. Regardless of whatever you choose deciduous, evergreen or flowering and fruit bearing trees, you should mastering the basic knowledge in miniaturize the bonsai tree.

The first component in growing bonsai tree is a pot. In growing bonsai tree, a pot with good drainage and shallower than traditional pot is very essential. You will need to put a piece of screen over the drainage hole, before filling with soil. The next crucial component for growing Bonsai tree is the soil. The best bonsai soil for growing bonsai tree should be like loose sandy or gravel and you also must avoid using traditional potting soil because the traditional potting soil retains too much moisture for your bonsai.bonsai tree. Like ordinary tree, watering in bonsai tree isn’t having standard dose, it all is depend on your bonsai tree. If the bonsai is live outdoor, it will need more water because the water will evaporate faster than indoor bonsai due to it place outside. Generally, plant will enjoy to be sprayed during evening with fine mist. With watering on evening, it will discourage certain pest that don’t like moist foliage condition and with fine spray setting will keep the soil from washing the edge of your bonsai pot.

You will need place your bonsai tree in shade during the heat of summer if you have growing bonsai tree outdoor and greenhouse in winter if you grow tropical bonsai tree. Pruning is one of most important part in bonsai tree to keep it healthy and attractive appearance. Generally, pruning is only can be applied on bonsai dormancy period.

In growing bonsai tree, there are require much time and patience, but it is a relaxing form from ancient Japanese art. Pruning is one of major point in ancient Japanese bonsai art. Pruning have purpose to remove branches and unwanted new growth to keep the bonsai in particular shape and healthy. There are different pruning styles like cascading, upright style, wind swept and multiple trunks.

In bonsai miniaturization process, root confinement is very important and key factor. The success roots confinement could lead to the best miniaturize bonsai tree. In confinement, the root should be confined to a pot that equals the size of the branch span. In purpose to eliminate compacting of roots, you must apply annual bonsai root trimming and it must take about third of the length. With a good bonsai root trimming your bonsai will keep growing and maturing.

If you interested and planned to growing bonsai tree in long time, you should learn this few crucial components of growing bonsai tree because with learning it, you could keep your bonsai healthy and alive for many years.