As one of extremely popular gardening hobby, growing bonsai tree is not very complicated or expensive as its look. In growing bonsai tree, it was possible to have nice tree that is not harder to maintain than other plant in garden.bonsai tree is not very complicated hobby as its look but it still need a special treatment like constant and regular watering, pruning, and special supply like food, soil and fertilizer. For some person who interested to owning and growing bonsai, that reason became the main factor they withdraw or cancel in possession bonsai.

Lucky, only purist bonsai owners want the varieties that require all the work – the majority of people would be happy with a tree frowned upon by bonsai masters, but totally acceptable, and still a fantastic bonsai to any non specialists, what you want is something called a pre-bonsai.

A pre bonsai tree is a variety of ordinary tree that grow as normal tree but have cultivate in bonsai pot when it has grow to required height to become bonsai. This is one of most simple technique in growing bonsai tree because if you use traditional method in growing bonsai you could spend many years.

Different with traditional method in growing bonsai who adhere to strict styles and rules, the pre bonsai tree is created for their aesthetics. The sharp twist and bend you have in your mind are actually unwanted by expert bonsai growers, who prefer with smooth gentle covers and trying to create a tree natural shapes and style.

The cost for pre bonsai tree is fraction of the cost of a real bonsai, and it wills not harder to care then regular garden plant if you choose evergreen varieties. All you need to do is trimming the pre bonsai tree once a week in summer to maintain the pre bonsai tree original shape.