Growing bonsai tree have become one popular gardening hobby today. Bonsai tree isn’t always outdoor plant but there are some indoor bonsai tree species. Boxwood, Ficus and Serissa are some species of indoor bonsai tree. If you preferred to grow indoors bonsai tree than outdoor, there are something that you need to know first because growing indoor bonsai tree is different with outdoor one.bonsai tree require four until six hours of light each day. Place your tree close to window that faces south is the best. By place your indoor bonsai tree on there, it will receive morning sun and shade in afternoon. West or east is also a good choice is you don’t have southern window as main option.

After light, the next one is humidity. Humidity must be your main concern because generally all indoor bonsai tree not receive enough humidity that could lead you grows unhealthy Indoor bonsai trees. The main cause of humidity reduction on your indoor bonsai tree is your house heating system. Place your indoor bonsai tree on small tray filled with water is best way to deal with this problem. By using this ways your indoor bonsai tree will get enough humidity and moisture from the evaporated water.

The last one after light and humidity is water. Generally indoor bonsai tree don’t need water everyday. Soils on the pot, species you grow, and type of pot are determined how much your tree needs a water everyday. However, that three point is general point to unsure your self your should check it frequently by sticking your finger in the soil to measure how moist it is because something by receiving a lot of sun light could also determine how much your indoor bonsai tree need water everyday beside that size of your pot also affect.