Growing bonsai tree is one method to exercise patience and train our creativity. Bonsai tree have two general types if we look from place it’s live, indoor bonsai tree and outdoor bonsai tree. There is not difference in requirement for growing these indoor bonsai tree or outdoor, the difference is only their habitat which indoor bonsai tree grown in enclosed environment and outdoor bonsai tree grown in open environment.bonsai tree isn’t quite difficult if you observe and follow the proper way to cultivate indoor bonsai tree well. There are many proper ways which could help you in growing indoor bonsai tree. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow.

The first step is choose bonsai species that can be grown indoors. Tropical and subtropical trees are suitable tree for grown as indoor bonsai tree. Jade plant (Crassula ovata) False heather (Cuphea hyssopifolia), Weeping fig (Ficus benjamina), Black Olive (Bucida spinosa) and Dwarf jade (Portulacaria afra) are some tropical trees that suitable to grown as indoor bonsai tree. While subtropical include Desert rose (Adenium obesum), Powderpuff (Calliandra hamematocephala), and Star flower (Grewia).

• The second is plant the tree in a container or pots using proper soil for indoor bonsai tree. Like indoor bonsai tree, bonsai pot also has various styles and shape which adjusted with the bonsai itself. Beside styles and shape, best bonsai pot is a pot that has good drainage system like have enough holes in base of the pot that could help to drain excess water in the pot. Excess water in the base of pot is very risky for your tree because it could cause rot in your bonsai root. For soil, it was recommended you buy it from bonsai store or bonsai store because you could get a description from high quality soil but if you were expert you could make your own soil composition.

• Water your bonsai when the soil becomes dry with necessary amount. Pour the water directly to soil thoroughly until water drips from holes on base of bonsai pot to ensure the water have reached roots and not settling in the base of the bonsai pot. Doesn’t letting the soil becomes very dry because you will cause dehydration to your bonsai and death as the worst result. Over water is also not good because it could cause rot on the root when your pot don’t have good drainage system.

• Tropical tree is special species to cultivate as indoor bonsai tree because it could grow with low exposure from sun light. Window is a good place to place your indoor bonsai tree where it can be exposed sunshine, if not you could use fluorescent lamp as a substitute. Place the indoor bonsai tree six inches below the lamp if you use fluorescent lamp and let the bonsai be exposed by the lamp for 12-18 hours each day.

• Provide fertilizer as nourishment. Feed your indoor bonsai tree regularly are very necessary for your bonsai growth. Water soluble fertilizer is much recommended for indoor bonsai tree. If you use water soluble fertilizer, then give it once or twice in a weak after watering your indoor bonsai or when the soil is wet. Growing season is very suitable to put fertilizer on you indoor bonsai tree. For the best indoor bonsai tree fertilizer you should ask a bonsai specialist or bonsai nursery near your local area. Using bonsai online store is also one of solution if you want to find high quality fertilizer for your bonsai.

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