Smile and pleasure are the feeling you will sense when you see bonsai tree. There are many bonsai tree varieties that available one garden store, florist shop and of course, bonsai store. Some are flowering and others just have leaves. Determine a type of bonsai tree you preferred to grow is the first step when you are decided to starting growing bonsai tree. Jade bonsai tree is one of bonsai tree variety that recommended for beginners who just starting to learn growing bonsai tree.

Since this tree is a tropical plant, you should keep it inside if you live in cold climate, but if you live in warm area or tropical climate, you could place it outdoor. For this plant, the best soil is moist soil and you don’t over watering.

When the tree is young, its bark is green, and will turn reddish brown and to slate gray color when the tree grow up mature. During autumn, fleshy leaves with blue green color will produce bunches of star shaped pinkish to purple flowers. You could create beautiful cascade with its thick and slender branches and trunk.

In take care of this bonsai tree, shaping and pruning are essential part to keep this tree growing well. You could reduce the leaf size and keeps the trunk strong with a proper pruning. You could encourage new growth from the wound by reduce the trunk. Due to Jade tree is delicate and soft, you should pinch its trunk branches and trunk gently when you want to encourage new growth in the branches or trunk.

The branches will become turgid if you over watered it and the branches full of water. You could contour new shapes this tree within three or four weeks with wiring because Jade bonsai tree is response well to wiring. Don’t bend too much the branches when you do wiring on your bonsai tree because you could damage the branches. Be more conservative in watering your bonsai tree before you start wiring.

You should repot your Jade bonsai tree every two years. You must unsure that the soil completely dry before repotting your Jade Bonsai tree. Repotting must be doing in early spring or in warm climate if you are don’t have spring. Place the jade bonsai tree in a shady place after you repotting and you should water it after you see new growth.

You could try another bonsai species if you have success with jade bonsai tree and you could use experience in growing jade bonsai tree. As reference in growing another bonsai tree to complete your bonsai garden