Preparing bonsai supply that your bonsai needs before start to grow bonsai tree is recommended. For gardening hobbyist, bonsai is great growing project in gardening. Cultivating bonsai tree is very different with ordinary tree, bonsai tree require a certain kind of care and environment to grow up properly and healthy. Bonsai is plant that will not take much space to grow and have long lifespan if it has receive a proper care. Beside the treatment and care, bonsai supply is very essential for everyone who planning to growing a healthy bonsai tree. There are many great place to find out a good quality bonsai tree once with the supply and tool to train and prune, either in you local bonsai store or online bonsai store at internet.
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Most ready-made bonsai trees will have a pot with them when you buy it. Like any other plant, bonsai is need a repotting from time to time to keep the plant can be growing up. Make sure you have added a soil to new pot when you have repotting your bonsai. Both pots and soil is an inexpensive bonsai supply that you can buy at bonsai store.

Watering is one of most important part in growing bonsai tree to keeping your bonsai healthy. Some people prefer not to use tap water to water their bonsai. Distilled gallons of water from the store could be your best choice if you adopted that idea. Many bonsai tree grower’s user fertilizer to make their bonsai grow up stronger and faster. If you are interested to add fertilizer as one of your bonsai supply, you can get them in liquid or pellet form which can be purchased at your bonsai store.

For pruning or training your bonsai, you must unsure you have a good pair of scissors on your hand. With a good pair of scissors you will save many of time and easier your task when you pruning your bonsai. A set of scissors is more handy and recommended than single pair of scissors when you consider buying a scissors. Today have also available specialized scissors that made specifically for bonsai pruning. A good pair of scissors is little bit more expensive than regular scissors but it will help you very much in pruning your bonsai and will be good investment if you are serious about your bonsai.

Another bonsai supply is a wire. Wire is use to wiring your bonsai and one of bonsai supply to shaping your bonsai. Wiring is a technique to shaping the bonsai because bonsai not shape by it so you will have to do the shaping with aid from wire. As bonsai supply, wire have two general type copper and aluminum wire, but there are some condition to use bend jack if the wire you use isnt strong enough.