Wiring is one of important step and technique to get an artistic bonsai tree. Besides wiring technique, material we use in wiring have play a role for successful bonsai tree wiring. Generally, people will get or find standard wire from local ironmongers, but this isn’t recommended because it will be better if you get one that especially made for bonsai tree. Using aluminum wire before move to copper wire is recommended if you are still beginners. To get an artistic bonsai tree, wiring is primary method in shaping the tree.

With Learning and mastered bonsai tree wiring technique, you can increase you creation in making masterpieces like stunning windswept style and cool cascades

As one of essential part in wiring bonsai tree, get the best bonsai tree wire material is much recommended because with wrong material wire, your bonsai tree will become fail bonsai tree.

Aluminum and copper are two kinds of metal that typically used as bonsai wire. Copper wire are most used by professionals of this art or technique because copper wire is stronger and works well with larger and studier bonsai tree. For beginners, aluminum wire is the best to be used because aluminum wire is easier to utilize and won’t cause much damage to your tree if you make an error or mistake in wiring bonsai tree.

Beside the wire material, another thing must be considered is about wire thickness that you use on your tree. About a third of the tree trunk diameter is general rules in determine diameter and how thick the wire that you must used. The size isn’t absolute rule because in the real the wire you choose is depend on you tree condition and species, as and example, if you want to grow a tree about half a meter high so you won’t need too thick wire, since the trunk isn’t so huge.

For more information about wiring bonsai tree you could also search it at internet or ask it at you favorite bonsai store or supplier.