In purpose to forming and shaping unique bonsai appearance, there are to learn advance bonsai technique. This type of technique requires a lot of works, training, experience and skills to end up with a bonsai masterpiece. “Rock-over-rock” style or Broom style is some of bonsai styling that needed some advance bonsai technique. The main problem in styling is not the style but in the bonsai, whether the tree or plant can survive the transformation, when done by those less experienced.advance bonsai technique, there are needed a lot of patience. Even exotic seed germinations, creating a natural deadwood effect or solving wood-rot may be problems for the more sophisticated Bonsai grower. Learning and understand advance bonsai technique is recommended thing if you have passion in cultivate bonsai tree because, whether you know how to care or how to styling the bonsai, learning advance bonsai technique can make difference in the result.

Learning advance bonsai technique may be like bending branches with raffia to learning the thread grafting technique. Creating a new branches and trunk tapering are part of artful principles that involved with art of bonsai. Developing bonsai from a bare root seedling could be part of ordinary bonsai technique, but trunk splitting to cure inverse tapering may be considered as one of part from advance bonsai technique.

Either you are wiring, pruning repotting or styling, you can always learning about ancient Japanese bonsai art. Beside the traditional reference, community and classes, there are also available a number of resources in internet that you can find.

Bonsai tree is a tree which have special characteristic like miniaturizing, sized replicate, but there are special characteristic that only own by bonsai like weeping styles, driftwood style and exposed root style. As a popular choice, displaying bonsai in forest or raft style is also considered as advance bonsai technique. With raft style or forest style you can add artistic value in your bonsai collection.

With a good proportion and balance, bonsai tree can good effect to your aesthetic value on your horticultural composition even you use a simplest bonsai technique. For bonsai beginners growers there are recommended to start from basic technique before expanded to advance bonsai technique because bonsai technique is very complicated even it was basic technique. If you want to start to learn the advance bonsai technique, you must already know basic technique, experiment with various bonsai style with its enhancements and have adequate bonsai tool. Growing bonsai can be best artistic project if it was executed with proper and unique growing methods.