Shaping is one of most complicated job when growing a bonsai tree. Shaping is a step that determine your bonsai tree appearance when it growing up. Wire is one of component used to shaping the tree besides pruning. Bonsai wire is used to influence the direction of the bonsai tree‘s branches grow. Bonsai wire is different with pruning which will dispose unwanted branches.bonsai wire. Anodized aluminum is an aluminum that softer, more lightweight and has through process to make it resistant to corrosion and durable. As well the copper, it has through similar process that makes it tougher and reduces brittleness.

Generally, bonsai tree must receive a proper treatment to avoid chemical exposure before you use bonsai wire and ensure that bonsai wire strong enough to influence the direction of bonsai branches. Wiring is more recommended to use at young bonsai because young bonsai will be easier do wiring than mature bonsai with hard and thick branches or trunk.

Copper bonsai wire is thicker and hard to blend, but many bonsai gardener rarely use this wire because it has risk like damaging your tree. Copper wire is fit to use to forcing thick branches that aluminum wire can’t do. Different with copper wire, aluminum bonsai wire is much softer and easier to use. Most of bonsai gardeners recommended to use this wire because with proper use this wire can’t harm the bonsai and very suitable for beginners who start to learn wiring bonsai.

As one of shaping technique, bonsai wire application to wiring is well-known as fairly modern method to shaping and changing the direction of your growth of the bonsai branches. In the past, a technique to shaping bonsai is pruning. Pruning is very different with wiring, pruning is use to dispose unwanted branches from you tree. Vice versa, wiring is to change or influence the direction of the bonsai branches. Both of this technique is complete each other to get a perfect shaping bonsai result.

When you use bonsai wire, there are not recommended to leave the wire too long on you tree because it can cut the branches and damaging your tree, so you need to monitor your bonsai when you do wiring. To avoid cracking or splitting of the branches or trunk when you perform wiring, there are recommended to let bonsai tree dry out before perform wiring on your tree because with this the tree will little bit flexible for wiring.

Like another step or technique in bonsai gardening, patience is the main key to achieve perfect result when applying bonsai wire.