Growing bonsai tree is a challenge especially for beginners. Lot of steps in growing process are the main reason why growing bonsai tree is very challenging not for beginners only, but also expert. Although there are a lot of step in growing bonsai tree but it will become simple when we understand and be patience to learning each step in growing bonsai tree. Know the types of bonsai tree you want to grow are the first step.bonsai tree as very essential because each tree are different like juniper bonsai and ficus bonsai. With knowing a type of tree you grow you could find the best habitat condition for you tree, doze of light, water that your tree require and the best treatment for your tree which could assist and make simple you job in growing bonsai tree.

Bonsai supply is also very essential to know and understand when we start to grow bonsai. With know and understand the bonsai supply, we could choose the best supply like soil and fertilizer to our tree. With the best supply we could have good and healthy tree and it will make simple our job because have unhealthy bonsai tree will waste our time and money.

Growing bonsai tree would be very simple when we know a type of your tree. Beside watering and feeding, there some addition step we should learn. Wiring is one of step we must learn. With wiring we can shape the tree to model that we desire. That’s why growing bonsai is consider as combination of art and skill, skill to keeping plant alive and art to shape the plant.

Growing bonsai tree is challenging but it will be simple when you are make sure that you have do well from beginning.