Using plant as a part of house decoration is very normal today. Using plant as part of house decoration isn’t easy it looks like. There are many factor we must consider for use plant as house decoration especially compatibility between plant and house concept. Bonsai tree is kind of plant that usually use to decorate house both of Japan and Worldwide today. At the past bonsai tree is identical with Japanese old fashioned house or some country in East Asia, but today bonsai tree have use by many house in worldwide either it from Europe or America.Bonsai tree is a art to make miniature plant that resembles the real one. Trimming, pinching and wiring are some technique to make a good and artistic bonsai tree. This technique have very important to make a great look bonsai tree and many beginners fail in this step because any wrong in this step could make your bonsai tree look awkward and strange. To get a healthy bonsai tree, treatment have play main role and most important point. Treatment like watering, repotting or giving fertilizer must be do in right time and right dose. Any wrong in treatment will make bonsai tree grow unhealthy and the worst is dying

Desk and table are the best and perfect place to put small bonsai tree. For a space or room like office or living room, the best and perfect pick are tall bonsai tree. Bathroom is also suitable to place bonsai tree.that can make a tranquil ambiance. Bonsai plant with fruit is the good choice for dining area. Do not assume that bonsai tree same with other tree or plant on plateau although it was resembling the real one, it still need treatment to keep ti healthy and artistic. A good and healthy bonsai tree are the best for house decoration not the dying one