Growing or planting Bonsai Tree has been one of the most popular hobbies today. Bonsai tree is kind of miniature plant that growing in container which also well know as one of art in planting and caring a plant. Planting a bonsai tree isn’t like planting general or real plant which we meet everyday at everywhere. Bonsai tree is a tree that needed special treatment and care to grow healthy. there are some tools and basic about bonsai tree that we must know before we start planting bonsai treeBonsai trees are usually two to three inches high. They grow from seeds or cuttings from mature plants. Bonsai tree remains in small decorative pots. Their size can be controlled by pruning branches and roots regular. Flexible copper or aluminum wire is mainly used in the branches and stems to get the desired shape. Over time, many techniques have been used to shape and there are five major styles have become popular among the masses. This style is upright, informal, slanting style, cascade and semi-cascade. This bonsai tree can live for a very long time and thus become a beloved family treasure.

Bonsai trees require a lot of care and treatment. They must keep a constant vigil to keep the plants warm garden. They should be properly watered. Too much water can rot the roots and kill the bonsai tree but not watering them at all can leave the plants wilt and dehydration. The land must be changed regularly and the appropriate fertilizer should be used for perennial crops.

We can use an old Japanese proverb for bonsai tree care: “The water three times a day: once for the pot, once for the soil and once for the tree.” In other words, after you water lightly to allow the pot to get wet. Then your light water so the soil moist longer. Finally, to make sure you water the tree and its roots have the necessary hydration. Therefore, not only ground water, is very important that you go through three water rules so that the root system to get the perfect amount of water without causing root rot.