However, bonsai tree care involves certain special requirement that ordinary plant or tree don’t have. For example, you will need to be prepared fluorescent light for 12-16 hours a day if you bring sun loving bonsai tree inside your house. However, there are some species of bonsai plants that don’t need much sun light in a day and these species will be very ideal and fit if you want to grow bonsai tree indoors.bonsai tree care. In the general condition, ordinary tree grow tall because their deep root system which dig continuously into the earth. In contrast with bonsai tree that growing in shallow tray or pots, this condition cause the tree root system unable to penetrate downward, but it will spread out shallowly and cause reduction on your tree growth. For this reason, bonsai need special mix of soil to prevent the roots becomes drown and waterlogged. Due to bonsai grown in shallow pots, using regular potting soil that have dense characteristic will trap too much water which could kill the tree root and eventually the tree itself.

Purchase special bonsai tree soil with sand, loam and organics like leaf mold as ingredients of soil is the best choice to practice proper bonsai care. You must consider your local climate before purchasing bonsai soil. For perfect soil for your bonsai, you go to local bonsai nursery, store, community, or agriculture office to find out some reference for your bonsai soil.

Water and Food in Bonsai Care

“When should I water my bonsai?” is one question that all beginners ask when they start growing bonsai. Humidity level of the air around your bonsai, species of bonsai you have, climate on your place are some factors could influence the answer from this question.

In bonsai tree care, watering must be doing in balance dose, either over water or underwater. To avoid shocking your but with either cold or hot water, you must unsure the water is at room temperature. Let the water sit out overnight if you use tap water because tap water contain chlorine and other chemicals that could be very dangerous for your bonsai

To increase the bonsai absorb water ability, you must use wet soil first. You must ensure that entire soil gets wet. Early morning, before the bonsai begins photosynthesis cycle is best watering time for bonsai. To retain humidity level, you could mist you bonsai tree daily basis.

Balanced fertilizer like (20-20-20 which is nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus) is general composition for bonsai fertilizer. Fertilization can be doing after you water your bonsai because if you fertilize you tree on dry condition could cause the bonsai to die. Fertilization isn’t a medication so never fertilize you bonsai when it was sick

With right dose of water and sun light, along with proper soil and fertilizer, you are on way to growing a beautiful bonsai tree. As long as you know and fulfill all the fundamental needs from you bonsai, bonsai tree care will be easy and fun job to do.