Growing bonsai tree have become one of most popular subject in gardening hobbies. Like other gardening hobbies, there are require special bonsai tool kit for growing bonsai tree. The right bonsai tool kit could give difference when you have styling or shaping your bonsai tree. There are many bonsai tools have been developed this past years and sold in separate unit or set of unit like bonsai tool kit that can be obtained at your local bonsai store or gardening store.

Bonsai tool also have their grade like standard grade to master grade which standard grade is cheapest grade with and master grade is most expensive grade. Difference in their price is cause by the material used for make the tool which cheapest price is made from lowest quality of material and most expensive is made from best material. Generally expensive tool is more durable than chap one but it not mean cheap bonsai tool is useless, cheap tool could be also durable if you give proper care after finish use it like clean it up and coat the tool with WD-40.

Different bonsai tool have different specific task. There are a tools for pruning, trimming, repotting and many else. Generally, bonsai tool is sold separately due to its varieties and its various functions but today there are some bonsai store provides a package a bonsai that sold included its starter kit for beginners.

There are some standard bonsai tools that are included in starter kits.

Concave Branch Cutter

Root Hookbonsai tool is used for disentangling the root of your bonsai. This won’t damage your bonsai root due to its rounded shape

Beside those three tools, there are also have spherical knob cutter, bud trimming shears and bonsai trimming shears in bonsai starter kits. Proper use of bonsai tool will guarantee that your bonsai have receive a proper care and will grow healthily and beautiful bonsai tree.