Continuous and consistent effort for years and years in pruning, wiring and repotting is evidence that growing bonsai tree isn’t easy job. The proper bonsai tools are necessary to do a proper and efficient treatment for your bonsai. Generally, bonsai tools are quite expensive because the tools are specialized made for bonsai treatment used and different with ordinary gardening tools. Like another hobby, bonsai is also needed a high quality and made to last for long time. There are some tips to take care your bonsai tools which can help you to avoid buying this expensive tool again.

Blunt bonsai tools are mean inefficient tools and inefficient tools will be very harmful to your bonsai tree. Oil stone with price 30 dollars is fit and suitable to use to sharpen your bonsai tools. There are two types of oil stone; one is flat stone that use for flat shears and curve stone that used for curve shears. Sharp bonsai tools are the most effective and efficient tools. You can sharpen your tools once a week if you not have more than dozen bonsais, but if you have more than that, sharpen your tools every 2-3 days will keep your bonsai tools sharp.

2. Always clean your tools when you finish used it.

Dirty and not clean bonsai tools aren’t very harmful for tree like blunt tools. Letting a dirt or dried sap from your bonsai after you finish using it too long will be very risky to your tools. Corrosion is one of risk if you letting your bonsai tools not clean after you used it and using rusty tools on your bonsai will be as dangerous as using blunt tools. Regular soap and warm water to rinse are the best to clean your tools. You also can use coating like WD-40 after your tools dry completely to prevent corrosion. You should clean your bonsai tools after you use.

3. Save your tools in the proper place.

Bonsai tools aren’t quite cheap things to buy every week if you ruin or lost it. You must unsure to take care your tools if not you will waste much money for this thing especially you use a master’s grade tools. Clean the tools properly, sharpen them, keep them in dry and cool place could make your bonsai tools last for longtime.