China is originated place for miniature tree we know as bonsai tree. Bonsai have come in the Japan along with Buddhist monks who spread Buddhism on Japan. Bonsai tree have become very popular when it arrive in Japan and grow by Japanese. The word “Bonsai” in Japanese refer to technique or tree that receive a regular maintain to it become miniature tree. Growing bonsai tree isn’t a one night job but it need a years to see and get the fruition from the bonsai tree.bonsai tree, you would need some supplies and tools to help you in growing bonsai. Pots, fertilizer, soil and wire is some general supplies you would need before you start planting your bonsai. You should find the best tree that suit and fit with your demand because all tree have different care and treatment.

There are some trees that suit and fit as your first bonsai tree:

~ Japanese Pagoda – For beginner who learn how grow a bonsai tree this tree is the best choice. Japanese Pagoda is a small tree and due to be size you won’t overwhelmed and confuse in growing and train it. This tree will blossom with blue, white and violet flowers when in summer. This need allow you to place it at the sun light and provide a little shade.

You must fertilize this tree before the growing seasons and after the growing season has ended, this tree must not to be dry due to root ball system. You must keep this tree from harsh winter season and blazing sun when summer. Although this tree not require much prune but you must unsure that you have prune it regularly.

~ Chinese Quince – This bonsai tree have pink flower that have large yellow fruit. This Bonsai tree is an outdoor bonsai and has long lifespan. This bonsai tree should be lace in a shade place and you must keep it away from winter weather. This bonsai need fertilizer all year but it doesn’t need much pruning, like Japanese Pagoda it just needs quite pruning to keep it healthy

You would able to learn other technique in planting and maintaining bonsai tree once you have understood the basic from growing bonsai tree. Fertilize, water and prune have very essential to ensure your tree have growing well and make the bonsai tree on the track to give a perfect result.