Bonsai tree is delicate tree and live in tiny pot that depend on the quality of soil to help it breathe, gain water and nutrient. Generally, bonsai will suffer, unhealthy and the worst is die if didn’t receive a proper soil mixture.

How to identify the best bonsai tree soil?

As primary medium for bonsai to get air and water in order to grow, you must more thoughtful in selection of soil and its additives.

In fact, there isn’t description for best bonsai tree soil. Different brands of soil, type of soil you use, technique and your creation in mixing and combining a soil until you meet a perfect result is the secret from best soil. How good and fit your bonsai soil and its additives will determine the health of your bonsai roots is a fact. Furthermore, effectiveness of bonsai tree soil will determine and important if you want have flourishing bonsai. Quick drains out soil when water added if one of the best criteria for good bonsai tree soil mixture.

What a requirement to make Bonsai Tree Soil?

Sphagnum peat moss, grit and loam is basic ingredients if you wish to make your own bonsai soil at home. With this ingredient mixture you can give a good blend to your bonsai. Make sure the bonsai tree soil mixture dry out completely to prevent damage in your bonsai roots.

Akadama, Kanuma, and Fujiyama potting medium are some of available complete potting soils. Zeolite, grit, peat moss, and river sands are some soil components or additives for complete potting medium.

Red clay soil is another name of Akadama. Akadama is manufactured and widely available in Japan. Akadama is graded by particle size start from standard, fine and the last is very fine. Akadama could retain its structure and able to drain or hold sufficient water for years because this soil not contain organic matter and granules. Durable from high summer rainfall and cold temperatures in winter are some of Akadama others advantage. You could use this soil to prevent freezing and water-logging in your bonsai.

Fujiyama is bonsai tree soil that well-known as best soil to be used for all bonsai plants and as wetting agent.

Kanuma in Japanese is ‘dirt’, and is dug up from 10 feet below. It is named after the region in Japan. Acid-loving tree like Azalea, camellias and gardenia is very ideal for this bonsai tree soil.

Kiryu is a Japanese imported mixture which is made up of clay and pumice. Tree like evergreens and pine tree which need extra drainage are suitable for this Bonsai Tree Soil mixture. For good air circulation, you could mix normal oil with Kiryu.

Kyodama is well-known as traditional volcano grit which often mixed with others soils. This bonsai tree soil has a good moisture and neutral ph.