Soil has become one important part to determine how healthy the bonsai tree growth. As delicate tree, bonsai is depend on how good the soil we use to growing healthy. There are many local garden stores, local bonsai store or online bonsai store that sold bonsai soil in many varieties.
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Getting a good bonsai soil that 100 percent suit and fit with your bonsai tree in local garden store, bonsai store or online bonsai store is quite hard and difficult job. For the best bonsai soil you could mix the composition by yourself because most bonsai require different bonsai soil composition. There are not different in the first time between specialty bonsai soil with ordinary soil but when it grow up you will find the different like in the root, trunk, leaves and branches.

Generally, you wont find ingredient or component you needed to mix your own bonsai soil if you cant find bonsai soil in your local garden store or local bonsai store. Akadama, potting soil and shredded bark are three main component or ingredient you’re needed to make or mix your own soil at your home. Akadama that well know as red clay soil is traditional additive Japanese bonsai soil and manufacture widely at Japan. You could use turface if you couldn’t find akadama in your local bonsai store.

You could use cat litter as alternative if your place really doesn’t sale akadama or turface. You must unsure that cat litter not break down if you choose to use cat litter as bonsai soil. The good and not break down cat litter is cat litter that holds together if you soak it in water for few days, but if it mesh you would find another one again. You could pun them together when you have collect them all. Start with shredded bark, followed by akadama or turface and then potting soil. This just generally step to make perfect bonsai soil for your bonsai tree but it could change when you have added some additive component.

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