In Bonsai art, there are many different technique that use by bonsai tree growers to achieve a perfect tree result.

Seed is most natural way to growing bonsai tree. Mame bonsai tree is very suitable with seed method because seed is very slow process. Growing bonsai tree is the best way to shaping your bonsai to your desired shape because you will have more control due to growing bonsai seed is take longer time. Formative years is best time to shape your bonsai tree trunk because at that time you bonsai tree trunk will be easier to mold as design in your mind. Generally, it need 1 to 2 years or more is depend on your bonsai tree varieties for germinating process, but some bonsai tree growers use special technique like cold stratification for faster the germinating bonsai tree growers in growing bonsai. Winter and early spring is a time that chooses by most expert bonsai tree growers to do cleft or whip grafting. Cutting is also one technique in growing bonsai tree. Cutting is definitely faster than seed to grow bonsai. Late spring or early summer is best time to do cutting, if you are planning to use cutting technique to growing bonsai.

Air layering from existing tree is most generally technique used for growing bonsai tree. With this method, you will have bonsai with developed root system. Cut the branches with good form and shape from existing plant on an angle. For cover the cut, you could use soil with mixture of inorganic and organic component. Keep watering your soil until you see root development on the cut portion of the plant, this will be take out 8 or 9 months time. You can cut the whole branch from below the point which has developed roots if you are unsure your bonsai tree has balance root system. You must unsure that your bonsai tree is in healthy condition before do air layering.