Regardless from its nature, art have been loved by everyone in the world. While there are many types of work arts in all aspect in life, bonsai art with its concept, technique like bonsai trimming and shaping have been appreciated the most. For same people who first time see bonsai, they could not imagine how small tree with size ranging around 2 feats could provide fruits and flowers like real sized plant. Seeing this bonsai tree for the first time, someone is awed with wonders of nature, while another can not believe in what have been seen by them when see bonsai tree for the first time. However, few, apart from owner who know the time, the process, care, dedication and technique like bonsai trimming that required to maintain bonsai tree properly.bonsai tree is bonsai trimming. With improperly bonsai trimming, your bonsai will look bad and ugly as the result your bonsai will lose their attraction. If that problem already happened, you could remove this ugly by apply a proper bonsai trimming. For almost beginners, there are recommended you look for some expert bonsai growers to observer their work in trimming branches, efficiently and quickly plucking leaf because bonsai trimming is difficult task and need some knowledge and experience in growing bonsai. Before you start bonsai trimming, you will require some bonsai tools to help you. Most beginners try to trim their bonsai by using a pair of scissors and end up with damaging the bark of the bonsai. In purpose to have perfect bonsai trimming, you will require a special a pair of cutters called a “wen” which resembles the beak of parrot.

By using this special bonsai tool, you could avoid to damaging your bonsai because this tool just leave a small dimple shaped cutting the bark which could be recovered without any effort. While applying bonsai trimming, you must unsure to remove the foliage that growing directly from bonsai trunk and hanging down from the bonsai. With the increase of bonsai tree type, there are also increased in amount of bonsai trimming techniques. If you are beginners in bonsai, you could find out that bottom part is growing faster than top part. This can be overcome with proper bonsai trimming. It is recommended to take out the bonsai from the pot before applying bonsai trimming.

To remove excess soil on the root, you could place root ball in tray containing the water. By removing excess soil in the root, you could trim the root better. It is very essential to applying bonsai trimming in regular basis to you could maintain your bonsai miniature size. If you don’t trim the bonsai regularly, you will spoil your bonsai appearance due to the branches have grown everywhere. In order to applying proper bonsai trimming, you should learn how to measure the balance and requirement for trimming the bonsai. Over trimming or under trimming could spoil your bonsai appearance but you should not fear with this because with the time you would gain experience in bonsai trimming and you would understand the correct amount of trimming you bonsai