Repotting is one of most essential step in growing bonsai tree. Repotting have purpose to make you be able to trimming the excess growth from bonsai root beside to change the soil in the pot. Repotting is an ideal time to trimming the excess growth of bonsai root because left to it; bonsai roots will quickly outgrow their pot. In general case, repotting is just only apply once a year, so your chance for trimming or alter bonsai root system is only once a year because if you apply to much repotting will cause your bonsai become unhealthy.
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In normal case, bonsai owners preferred their bonsai surface roots to buttress which means the surface roots not grow directly downwards but will spread out. For some bonsai root, there are naturally grown this way although there are some which you will have to grow the bonsai root manually. There are possible to do this in many ways, like you could have all the roots clinging over to one side or a rock, but sometimes let it spread out the surface roots around the bas of the plant is the best ways.

In purpose for get bonsai root to spread out evenly, the first step you must take is make sure that the bonsai tree is potted in container with shallow depth. With potted bonsai tree in container with shallow depth, it will encourage the root to spread outwards instead of downwards. Remember to remove roots which have grown too deep and soil by using proper tool during repotting your bonsai tree. By doing this the bonsai tree wont grow vertically but horizontally and the surface root will appear by this way as well. You will see the surface of bonsai root start giving of a more elegant and mature effect after you have applied this a couple times. Dont forget to give fertilizer after repotting your bonsai.

For some master in Bonsai Root trimming and styling, they might consider doing a similar thing except over rock formation. If you’re preferred to doing this process, you should have well grown root system bonsai due to this process is more complex process than other. For the first step, you must separated bonsai soil from the Bonsai Root, and then the normal bonsai root can be cut whilst separating the major root. These major roots can then be laid over a rock and their ends can then be placed back in the soil. Although very effective technique because it could save our time and money you invested, this bonsai root trimming technique is not recommended to beginner bonsai growers because it require a bit of practice to achieve the perfect result

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