As part from bonsai art composition, bonsai pots are very essential to form and grow the best bonsai tree. Beside for the bonsai health, bonsai tree pots are also as platform to display the most attractive side of our bonsai. Consequently, choosing a best bonsai tree pots is absolutely influential task.bonsai tree pots is very substantial. In art of bonsai, we must understand the significance of bonsai tree pots because without a fit and right bonsai tree pots, your bonsai will looks awkwardly and not real. The error in selecting bonsai tree pots will make your bonsai disharmony and not attractive for either senses or eyes although you have fine and perfect bonsai. The perfect bonsai tree pots are the pots that complement the bonsai each other and should not take attention from the tree.

Color, shape, and size are three main elements that should be your main concern when choosing bonsai tree pots beside the pots drainage. In size, you must know how big you want the tree because the size of tree is also depend on the size of the pot because not matches pots and tree will make your bonsai very awful in appearance. Likewise color and shape, these two elements must tune up with your tree color and shape. For creates harmony between your bonsai tree pots and your tree, this three elements must be your main consideration when you purchasing bonsai pots

The last point in choosing bonsai pots are about the pots drainage. You must avoid a bonsai tree pots which don’t have enough drainage holes in the base to help water to drain easily because if the water settled in the base of pots, it will be very risky to your tree like unhealthy tree until the most dangerous is rotten roots.