In Japanese, the word “wa” means to harmony in relationship between human and nature. However, word “wa” could also signify a works of art and in bonsai case this concept could signify balance between the tree used, the style of pruning and the supply like pots we used to grow bonsai.bonsai art, bonsai pot is one of fundamental aspect and should receive more proper concern. There are many aspects we must consider when choose a bonsai pot for our bonsai like, colors, size and shape. There are not special rules in choosing bonsai pot just depending on your taste and preference. However, there are not bad with follow bonsai art tradition to use the sense of symmetry and become complement your bonsai tree and thereby is likely to be pleasing to the eye.

In choosing bonsai pot or container, there are some important factors you must consider, like

The first important thing when choosing a bonsai pot is about the pot’s size. Generally, bonsai pot should be able to hold the weight of the tree and moist bonsai soil in the pot. Two thirds is the best size comparison for your bonsai pot with your bonsai height, which two is bonsai height and thirds is your bonsai pot size. With the correct size of bonsai pot, you could unsure your bonsai have enough space to grow especially the roots and you have provided your bonsai with adequate amount of bonsai soil for its food and nutrient for your bonsai growth.

After the size, the next important is about your bonsai pot drainage system. The best bonsai pot is a pot with adequate holes as the drainage system. Without proper and adequate holes as drainage system, your bonsai will suffer because the settling water in the pot and the worst is your bonsai will die due to its root become rot. A good pointer here is too using a wire mesh grill designed to fit over the drainage hole. This will allow for proper water drainage.

The last is about aesthetics like the color and shape. For that two point, there are not special rules or reference it just determined by your taste and experience in bonsai art. If you difficult to find bonsai pot with your taste, you could purchase one that specifically designed for your bonsai because you couldn’t get a wrong bonsai pot because it could threat your bonsai life.