Although bonsai tree is very popular gardening hobby, but there are few plant lovers who still don’t know about bonsai tree. Since bonsai tree become very popular, there are many bonsai tree lovers who keep these tree both indoor and outdoor of their house or home. Cultivate bonsai tree is not an easy task due to bonsai is very sensitive tree and therefore people who cultivate this tree, they must concern in very requirement for this tree like proper bonsai fertilizer, soil and tools. Bonsai tree is also need adequate sunlight exposure in morning and shade in the day. In purpose to keeping the appearance of the bonsai, you also need to apply regular trimming on your bonsai. There are some bonsai growers who using special bonsai fertilizer to ensure the bonsai healthy and to boost the growth of bonsai.bonsai fertilizer is one of essential part in cultivating bonsai tree. Many bonsai growers who have spend many time and money for their bonsai and taking every step in bonsai treatment but meet a failure because of this reason. With using a proper bonsai fertilizer, you could ensure that your bonsai have grown up healthily. While looking for bonsai fertilizer, you must remember that best bonsai fertilizer which will keep your bonsai tree healthy is a fertilizer that used in correct time of the year. There are many bonsai fertilizer type that available on bonsai store today, but the best bonsai fertilizer is a small pellet fertilizer type because the nutrient in the soil will release slowly in extended period of time.

With small pallet bonsai fertilizer you also could ensure that fertilizer and nutrient is not washed when you watering the bonsai. Apart from the type and quality of bonsai fertilizer, you must concern in the time when using bonsai fertilizer because how success your fertilizer is depend on the time. Some expert said the best time to apply fertilizer on the bonsai is on early spring to late summer and should be used the bonsai fertilizer with low nitrogen content.

With the time, you will recognize there are many people who love the bonsai with their hearts and they are very easy to be identified in a crowd. These people will go out from the rest when they go to purchase their plant needed. While other is busy to looking different things like videos and book, they will spend their time in research and finding out more about bonsai fertilizer. When you have well planted bonsai tree, you could see the joyful feeling which will get by you and your family. To ensure your bonsai have well planted you must give adequate nutrient by using proper bonsai fertilizer on the proper time. There are available many bonsai store that sell specialize bonsai fertilizer and you must find out that kind of store because with that store you could ensure your bonsai have receive the proper bonsai fertilizer.