You may have noticed that the soil used for bonsai tree is specifically referred to as bonsai soil. The reason for this is the component and material make up for bonsai soil is very different with normal plant, Some part that make bonsai soil different with normal plant is on the root, which normal plant we want the root system grow up as the result the plant will grow up but in bonsai tree we purposely keep the tree in small size.bonsai tree is a normal tree which has been kept in miniature size by placing the tree on a shallow container or pot to keep the root system shallow as the result it will stop the tree growth. With its shallow root system, bonsai tree is need a special made soil which have good balance both of drainage and ability to maintain bonsai soil because a bonsai soil with good porous is not good enough. For some bonsai growers their will use organic material to retain nutrients and moisture like pine bark, peat moss and compost.

With a proper and adequate drainage on your bonsai soil, you can avoid the shallow roots to become airless and compacted and can lead to disease like root rotting which can kill the bonsai in the worst case. In other hand, if the bonsai soil is too porous or dry, the bonsai won’t be able to retain enough nutrients and moisture. For cultivate healthy bonsai, these elements are very necessary because without them, your bonsai could dehydrated, starved and dead in the last.

How much a dose of inorganic and organic material in making the best bonsai soil mixture is a hot debated topic, but the most important thing that must be concern by beginners is that don’t be mix two and normal houseplant soil.

Another thing to be concern is the area you live. If you live in particularly hot and dry area, you must add more organic material in you bonsai soil to maintain the soil moisture but if you live in cold and rainy area, you must use more inorganic material in purpose to allow more air circulation and drainage. Either you intent to make own bonsai soil or purchase from bonsai store, it is important to be aware the entire above component had in your bonsai soil mixture in proper dose.