Bonsai is glorious and magnificent miniaturized plant that had been very popular to be used as house decoration. Not all bonsai can be use as house decoration; the bonsai that use to decorate the house must be bonsai that have cultivated very well and in healthy condition. Cultivate healthy bonsai isn’t one or two days job, its need many time and will be very complicated and boring job if this is your first time in cultivate bonsai. If you desire and love bonsai as your house decoration but not have any time, you could used artificial bonsai as the substitute.Artificial bonsai has been sold in many markets nowadays either in your local or in online store and you will surprise when you see the artificial bonsai look that resemble the real bonsai. You will difficult to recognize which the real bonsai and artificial bonsai unless you are and bonsai expert growers. Artificial bonsai is not a real bonsai, so it doesn’t need treatment or watering like real bonsai.

For beginners or common people in bonsai, there are not differentiate between real bonsai and artificial bonsai because the technique, craft and attention in creating artificial bonsai make it resemble the real one. Bonsai is originated form China and become popular in Japan, and step by step the western world amazed with the art in bonsai cultivation. The technique and effort are spending in bonsai cultivation have make bonsai much sought as the art form not as the ordinary plant.

As we know, bonsai is miniature tree that resemble the ordinary tree near us, so there are many types of tree that can be grown as bonsai. Like its big sister, bonsai is also need sunlight to produce food through photosynthesis process, adequate amount of water, proper soil and fertilizer to live. Artificial bonsai can last for years and closely resemble real bonsai but doesn’t need the constant care of the real plant.

Generally, artificial bonsai must be adjust with our house decoration because like the function to house decoration complement. In purpose as house decoration complement, artificial bonsai have comes with many tree species and make from environment friendly material like biodegradable material.

Crabapple plant, Azalea and Bougainville plant are some of artificial bonsai types beside others. Like the real one, artificial bonsai is also having beautiful foliage and fruit. The real bonsai with fruit can cost hundred of dollars and can be died if not receive proper treatment whereas the artificial bonsai can last for years. Artificial bonsai could be use as gift and the recipients do not have burdened with the bonsai care or treatment. Artificial bonsai is a great choice if it is the beauty that the art of bonsai captivates you.