For beginners, killing their first bonsai tree is a sad and fact problem. Bonsai is a skill, art and science. Generally, beginners who kill their first bonsai are because their have do some mistake which don’t realized it. There are some fatal mistakes which do by beginners when growing bonsai tree.bonsai tree

There is a fact that almost all tree can be cultivated as bonsai tree, but there are some requirement that we must accomplished in purpose to cultivate bonsai tree such the environment for bonsai can be thrived. This is one of most major mistake that make by beginners they usually grow a clod climate tree on hot climate or vice-versa. This mistake could be very dangerous and fatal for your bonsai tree. To avoid this mistake you can ask your local bonsai store, bonsai nursery or garden store to receive some information about the bonsai tree that can be growth in your region.

2. Over-watering

For some beginners, watering is like some basic or easiest task in growing bonsai tree, but in the fact, watering is one of most difficult task in growing bonsai tree. In watering you must unsure your bonsai have received appropriate amount of water because if you’re over-watering or under-watering it could cause your bonsai die. You can avoid doing this mistake by these tips. Check your bonsai soil daily and watered it when it really require, generally, bonsai is require 12 hours to 7 days before they need water but it depends on your tree type, temperature, climate, wind and humidity level.

3. over pruning

Pruning your bonsai is a necessary task in purpose to keep your bonsai healthy, but for some beginners they not just pruning but the remove almost leaf that looks out of place and this is very unnecessary and mistake in growing bonsai. In purpose to keep the tree grow up healthy and vigorous, the bonsai needs enough leaf especially for photosynthesis.

4. Repotting on a wrong time

Do not carry out big jobs such as repotting or major restyling at the wrong time of year as this can lead to poor health in the tree.

5. Doing many things on a same time

Three are important and must be avoided applying several operations on your bonsai because it can cause undue street to your tree for example, letting the tree rest between wiring and replanting. Bonsai is living thing like human who need to recuperate after surgery. Waiting for one to three months after a transplanting before starting the other task is good period for letting your bonsai have recuperated. Beside the period, your must unsure that your bonsai have in healthy condition before apply another task.

6. Fiddling

Fiddling the bonsai tree is like a temptation not only for beginners but also for some expert bonsai growers. Cutting off bits and piece here and there, continually watering, misting, moving, re-potting etc. Regular check for health and water is very necessary for your bonsai healthy but if in purpose for fiddling you must avoid because it can kill the bonsai.


Sometimes it’s the hardest thing to simply allow your bonsai to grow and ‘do its thing’. Get used to the fact that it takes time for bonsai plants to grow. You’re not talking weeks but years, even decades.


Generally, bonsai tree is hardy things, they can stand the over-watering, over pruning or other mistake in certain amount. Follow general instruction on growing bonsai and avoid the mistake or other general mistake that make by beginners. Remember, growing bonsai tree is trial and error. With experience and patience, you will grow one bonsai tree masterpiece that will you enjoyed for years to come.