The Fukien tea Bonsai tree is a bonsai tree originated from Fujian Province in China. Fukian Tea Bonsai is small evergreen tree that has small dark green leaves, and covered in small hairs. The leaves are a main form for this tree and they will look very dense and compact if you have applied a proper shaping. The bark of the Fukien Tea bonsai starts out with light brown color and as growing older, the bark begins to crack and become more brittle. This tree will produce beautiful flowers in early of spring and will turn into black berries later.Fukien tea bonsai is a tropical tree, this tree can’t tolerate environment with a cold climate. Many bonsai growers are recommended this bonsai species to grow as indoor bonsai tree if you live on cold climate region. As one of most difficult bonsai tree to cultivate, Fukian tea Bonsai would be considered due to its beautiful appearance and challenge in growing this bonsai species.

There are several things you must concern when growing Fukien tea bonsai. This tree require only one hour a day for sunlight exposure. Early morning and late afternoon is best time to let Fukien Tea Bonsai receive a sunlight exposure, due to the sunlight at that period is has lower intense than other period. This tree is also place on shade place on your patio if your place it outdoor. Fukein Tea bonsai will thrive best if kept in temperature range of 59 to 70 degree Fahrenheit and if you put it indoor, you should adjust the temperature and humidity of the house step by step.

On summer period, Fukien Tea bonsai require to feeding every week and reduce to monthly when on winter period

Like other bonsai species, Fukein Tea bonsai should apply repotting. Generally repotting must be done on first 1-3 years of its life. If you obtain or purchase Fukien tea bonsai from China Growers, the bonsai should be shipped with clay as the bonsai potting material and if this happen you should replace it gradually with bonsai soil. If you replace or repot the medium at once, you could make the tree stress. Fukien tea bonsai is easily shocked and stressed bonsai when feeding and you should carefully when apply heavy pruning to the tree or you will harm the bonsai.